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Two teams for Gears 5
POSTED BY admin 03/08/2019

We are proud to confirm 2 different teams that will compete on Gears 5. This organization so far has been mainly focused on XBox title, and most of our direct experience comes just from Gears of War; we decided for this reason to build two full teams. As usual, the first team keeps the name of the organization, the second has been called “Illuminati” and will work on bringing a new order on the Gears Of War European professional scene.

Teams are already roster-locked and are composed as follows:


  1. Bradstick
  2. Dragonz
  3. Genetx
  4. Painz
  5. Ryzen


  1. Extorz
  2. Hagxromo
  3. Krijsis
  4. Mantis
  5. Marc0

We can’t wait to see the performing on the professional scene with their amazing skills.. good luck!